Recycling & Data Cleansing

Since the WEEE directive was implemented, people with end of life copiers have increasingly been looking for a means of disposal that is both ethical and cost effective.
Recycling & Data Cleansing

RSL Copiers Ltd work closely with recycling operators in the local vicinity and can, therefore, dispose of your used copiers in accordance with the WEEE Directive in the most environmentally friendly manner possible - often without any cost to you.

Our main objectives are to maximise the re-use of the equipment we collect and where re-use is not viable, all raw materials are then recycled.

Our clients are all over the UK, proving we have the expertise and logistical capability to help you meet your legal obligations, whatever the scale of your output.

 If your business records personal information on its equipment, you have a number of legal obligations to protect that information under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our professional data destruction service guarantees your business meets all its legal data protection obligations.

The data destruction process is carried out using our specialised software which will wipe the hard drive and give certified verification so that your business can have complete peace of mind that your data has been completely and professionally destroyed.

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